Dinner Dialogues, every Wednesday from 6:10-7:30 PM, are fun, lively discussions over a free home-cooked dinner. Past topics include “How do you feel about interfaith marriage?,” “How open should the Communion Table be?,” “What role should faith play in politics?,” and “What’s the impact of smartphones on relationships?” Several times each year we welcome special guests from UR’s religion department, a local seminary, and other faith communities.


“Throughout high school, I had always envisioned college as a time during which I would greatly expand my knowledge in a wide variety of subjects. I had planned to dabble in many fields, and to take classes in many areas, including science, philosophy, political science, languages, art, and religion. Now, three semesters into my college career, I have not yet taken any courses on language, art, or religion. Fortunately, last year I discovered the PCC’s weekly dinner dialogues to satisfy my want of theological discussion. Every Wednesday evening, we meet in the chapel for soup (a welcome change from campus dining) and discussion on a variety of topics regarding Christianity. We have exchanged ideas on the existence of Hell, the point of prayer, God’s omni-benevolence, and other perplexing issues. By listening to each other’s views, and to Laurie’s ideas based on her knowledge of the Bible’s content, history, and various interpretations, our minds are always being stretched. Every week, dinner dialogues provide all of us with a welcome break from school work when we can freely express our opinions, eat a good meal, and enjoy each other’s company.”

-Leigh Carroll, Neuroscience